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Day in the Life of Ilayda

December 05, 2018

Instagram – @ilaydaeltemur

After graduating from Parson School of Design, Ilayda joined the family business at Benson Apparel. Working alongside her father in the men’s clothing design and production department, she is sharing her day-to-day life at the office.

6:30AM My day starts pretty early. First things first, coffee! I like to enjoy it out on the balcony. My house is surrounded by nature and I find this is great source of inspiration for my designs. I drink my coffee to the sound of waves crashing in from the sea. This grounds me and energizes me for the day (with a little help from the caffeine haha).

7:00AM I am off to the gym for a functional training. Functional training is a great low impact option. It helps with flexibility and muscle memory. As I spend most days in the factory, I try and find time every day to get MOVING!

9:00AM As 9am rolls in, I’m working through my emails. There is always damage control at the factory. The key is to be ahead of it! I always solve fabric issues first thing, as this is one of the main causes in of production delays.

10:00AM – 12:00PM The sometimes fun, sometimes, not so fun part. We discuss fit, design of our shirts, pants, and jackets as well as any other ideas or projects on the go. Ceyla, our production assistant and myself will go through fit and fabrics and add designs as we go. This is where the creativity comes in, as no problem is ever the same in the design process. It’s fixing as you go and creating design solutions on the fly.

12:00PM – 1:00PM Self-care is hugely important. I take about an hour for lunch. I usually find time during the break for meditation and/or 10 mins of cardio. Mediations is great for increasing mindfulness. Like most people, sometimes we need to walk away from the problem. Mediating really helps with the problem solving issues that I deal with day to day. (Even during mediation, I’m thinking of work!)

1:30PM During this time, I enjoy catching up with my Grandfather (founder of our premium Benson Apparel factory). Being a part of a third-generation family-owned factory is amazing! My grandfather has a wealth of knowledge in our business, so I always love our talks and his pearls of wisdom.

1:40PM – 5:00PM The majority of my day is clothing design and production focused. During production cycles, (March, April & October – December) I’m constantly checking up on designs and having fit sessions. We have our fit models in during the afternoon. My father joins in for these meetings. When it comes to the design process, I find inspiration from my surroundings, old films and run way runway shows. I channel all these inspirations into a theme for the collection.

6:00PM Dinner time! This really varies on a day to day basis, either I will go out with my friends or veg out at home with a good movie.

11:00PM Bedtime. As cheesy as it sounds, I would end my days watching a movie or the Simpsons with my boyfriend before heading to bed.