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Welcome to Benson HQ

June 05, 2018

Welcome to Benson headquarters! Benson, a Canadian-based brand, debuts its new showroom in the vibrant Leslieville neighborhood of Toronto. The building was previously home to a fully-functioning juice refinery. Benson’s owner had his eye on the space for months and after much persistence, the dream finally became a reality in September 2017. Enter interior designer – Murray Duncan. The spacious, 100-year-old building – with endless amounts of character and design possibilities – was a project Duncan could not resist.

Duncan transformed the old factory into 2,000 sq ft of open-air space that truly has a life of its own. Upon entering the space, you are instantly met with an abundance of natural light courtesy of oversized rustic windows. The juxtaposition of the cool white walls, and the exposed metal duct work against the warm, natural wood ceiling is the perfect framework for the Benson collection to shine.

Furnishing the showroom is an ever-evolving pallet of natural fiber rugs, green plants, oversized arm chairs and warm wood touches throughout. The space also boasts a full kitchen, adorned with an antique mirror and black-and-white photography in vintage gold frames. The end result is a beautiful framework in which to highlight the collection and really let the fine fabrics, gorgeous colors and fun prints take center stage.

The space was designed to create a sense of quiet luxury and lived in comfort. With occasional appointments lasting over eight hours, the showroom was designed to create a sense of home. It’s a spacious and welcoming area that creates a lasting impression with every guest that walks in.

Nigel Seebaran from OVER THE RAINBOW

“The space feels like a great weekend hangout – plants, soaring ceilings with exposed beams and all that natural light! A definite haven from a busy office on a summer morning.”


“It’s always a pleasure working with the Benson team in their new bright and open concept showroom highlighting the best selection of menswear they have to offer”


How would you describe the theme of the showroom? “There is no theme. It’s always evolving.” –Murray Duncan

A white, subway tile backdrop making each garments colour even more eye catching.

A red canoe that hangs over the collection draws an eye to the area and goes along with the playful nature of the brand.