Our Story

The hard-work and dedication of father-daughter duo Tahsin and Ilayda Eltemur is one of the many contributing factors to the success of Benson.

Add in Michael Ryan, a fashion powerhouse. Tahsin and Michael met over a beer to discuss trends in the fashion industry. Their conversation led to the problem of how fashion brands had to choose between good quality fabric and reasonable prices. Shortly after, Benson was born. Both had a lot to offer with a combined 70+ years of experience in sales and textiles.

We take pride that our collection is cross-generational. With their combined experiences and Ilayda's fresh outlook in design, our collection remains timeless and innovative, season after season.

Tahsin and Ilayda Eltemur

Benson makes style look easy. From colors to silhouettes, we seamlessly incorporate current trends into our seasonal collections, all while preserving our signature effortless look of functionality, comfort, and style. It is what defines our brand and why we strive to create the perfect line through the partnerships with our retailers and relationships with our customer.

Located in Toronto, Canada, our head office is the another identifying piece of the Benson lifestyle. There is a culture that we create and embody, which is reflected in the warmth of our showroom. We hope you love our collection as much as we do.